About Deodog

"The revolutionary odor remover for odor-free pets and their environment."

Would you like to combat unpleasant pet odors effectively and long-lasting? Then DeoDog* is the ideal solution for you and your pet. With its innovative technology based on amorphous silica, DeoDog ensures that your pet and its environment remain odor-free.

By applying physical principles, odor molecules are captured and neutralized by means of a catalytic process. This effectively defuses unpleasant pet odors. The ingredient of the new odor remover, DeoDog with NO Odor technology, has been classified as harmless by numerous institutes as well as the Swiss Office of Public Health. So you can rest assured that DeoDog poses no health risks to humans or animals.


Wow, no more smell. Animals smell natural again - this is the future!


DeoDog goes beyond conventional, perfumed odor eliminators. Instead of merely masking unwanted odors, DeoDog works completely odorless and efficiently in the background. The product is designed to fight odors for a long time, so you and your pet can live in a fresh and clean environment.

To underline the competence and harmlessness of the product, extensive tests were carried out, including an eye irritation test according to OECD 492 by Dermatest®. This test confirms the effectiveness and safety of DeoDog and proves the high quality of the product.

With DeoDog, you can walk your dog and enjoy nature or cuddle with your pet without worrying about unpleasant odors. Dive into an odor-free future with DeoDog - the innovation for a fresh and pleasant environment.


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